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These are our offered services.  Combining these services is a powerful tool and is the clear path to a growing and more profitable business! 



Start up

  • Financial assessement

  • Business Plan

  • 3 Years Projections

  • First Year Budget

Cash Crunch

  • 13 Weeks Cash Flow Forecast

  • Know every week your cash Flow situation

Small & Medium Sized Business advisory

  • Financial assessement

  • Yearly Goals Setting

  • Monthly Scoreboard

  • Monthly Reforecast

  • Monthly Review Meeting

  • Monthly Focus Action Plan

  • 5 Years Planning

Small Biz

  • Financial assessement

  • Yearly Goals Setting

  • Quarterly Scoreboard

  • Quarterly Reforecast

  • Quarterly Review Meeting

  • Quarterly Focus Action Plan


  • You don't have books?  No problem!  We will categorize your revenue and expnenses

"Fred is invested in the success of his clients. His focus is on building and planning with you. He is dedicated to working with you, side by side, to help craft your future. "

Chris Poese, AZ

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